Monday, October 25, 2010

"Catch and Release" by Lawrence Block

"Blood-chilling" and "creepy as hell" are the phrases that come to mind after reading Lawrence Block's story about a fisherman with "unusual" tastes. You see I put "unusual" into quotation marks because, of course, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Although this story has nothing in the way of the supernatural or fantastic, it is horrifying. Block's character emerges fully-formed from the story and is easily its strongest aspect. "Jack" is both a metaphorical and actual fisherman somewhere in the backwoods of America.

He used to be a normal fisherman, and he would prepare his catch each time, scaling, and deboning what he caught. But, no longer! Now, he's a catch and release man.

But he has a secret.

The secret isn't really that much of a secret, and knowing that the metaphorical fishing refers to his luring of women into positions of weakness is only part of the story.

Like I said, it's creepy good. Great Halloween-time story too.

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